The companyHarm to usHarm to others

WSP - The Company Behind This

Behind closed doors

Cass County officials secretly made many decisions and promises to WSP before going public.

Poison in, poison out

The product that WSP extracts from hazardous waste is zinc oxide, a hazardous waste.  Besides zinc oxide, the plant will produce hazardous slag, hazardous air pollutants, and hazardous fugitive emissions.

Profit from poison

Waelz Sustainable Products (WSP) is a partnership of two businesses that make their money hauling, incinerating, and processing hazardous wastes.

Protesters exposing WSP

Cass County and the Indiana Economic Development Corporation failed to investigate WSP’s environmental record. Protestors have been doing that work.

What could happen to us

27 local doctors sound the alarm

Particulate matter and mercury top the list of health concerns.

This pollution makes people sick--especially children

These poisons affect vital organs, including children's lungs and hearts.

Particulate matter emissions increase COVID-19 illnesses and deaths.

WSP anticipates emitting as much as 171.13 tons of particulate matter per year.

Amount of WSP’s pollution is a mystery

Emissions can’t be calculated and won’t be measured.

What has happened to others

Declining living standards

Millport experienced declining living standards and population after WSP's Sister Plant came to town.

Airborne lead

Toxicology reports have detected lead in the air in Palmerton downwind of zinc recycling plant.

Plant mistreats community

American Zinc Recycling failed Calumet City, as well as their own employees.

Muncie threw WSP out

WSP slinks out of town after experts come forward to share dangers of Waelz plant.